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Real eNgagement is about re-energizing the inner core so we can be strong, proud solution-focused nurses. We do this by focusing on you at the individual level because we believe that change starts from within. The nursing profession has many current and future challenges but individuals together have the ability to shift the nursing conversations in Nova Scotia from ones that focus on the issues to ones that focus on the solutions.

Real eNgagement is here to facilitate that shift. We acknowledge that it’s easy to get swept up in the negative aspects of work – time constraints, system disappointments and the political and environmental climate all play a role in this. And we play a role in it too. We have the ability to move ourselves forward by strengthening our inner capacity so when issues arise, we as nurses are confident in our ability to advocate for nursing leadership and contributions at the executive table.

The Real eNgagement vision is one where there is a cohesive nursing community – which celebrates its sameness and uniqueness equally – and where members of the community are viewed, and view themselves, as proud solution-focused decision makers in the health system.

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When this initiative began, CRNNS engaged with hundreds of nurses to understand and create a dialogue about the core issues facing the nursing profession, to envision a future nurses wanted to create and to identify steps that we as nurses can take to realize our individual and collective potential.

The end result was a discovery of three themes, which developed into Real eNgagement’s three core pillars:

  1. Re-Ignite Pride in the Profession – click here to explore this pillar more.
  2. Leading with a Solution-Focused Approach – click here to explore this pillar more.
  3. Decision Makers in Health System Change – click here to explore this pillar more.

We invite you to learn and have fun exploring the different areas of Real eNgagement on our website.

Guidance from the Advisory Committee

It is exciting to look back and see that what began as two motions put forward by CRNNS members in 2011-2012 at our Annual General meeting has involved into a provincial initiative. During the time that Real eNgagement was formed, CRNNS made a commitment to create an Advisory Committee, composed of at least 50% direct care nurses, to help guide the initiative and to ensure that it remains close and connected to the membership.

Fast forward to over three years later and CRNNS continues to honour its commitment. The Real eNgagement Advisory Committee is larger and more diverse than ever. This twenty-person committee includes representatives from across the province and across practice setting and has at least 10 members who are direct care nurses.

The committee, who meets 4-6 times a year, guides the work of Real eNgagement and is involved in the co-creation of the community sessions, boot camp sessions, awareness campaign and AGM planning. Their voices are instrumental to the initiative and we thank them for that.