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NP Jurisprudence Study Guide

The NP Jurisprudence Study Guide is an online module to help you prepare for your exam.  This guide removes a step for you by providing many of the exam’s study resources and housing them in one accessible online location.

The guide is divided into four competency categories: regulatory policies, relevant federal legislation,   relevant provincial legislation and provincial policies. Under each category, there are materials, resources, including links to all relevant CRNNS publications, relevant Acts and healthcare policies. In some cases, a synopsis of the various Acts and policies are provided as well as links to applicable CRNNS e-learning modules.

Since NPs must take both the RN and NP Jurisprudence Exam, it’s important for NP exam takers to review the RN Jurisprudence Study Guide as well.

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Regulatory Policies

This section includes:

  • Guidelines for Collaborative Practice Teams and Employers of Nurse Practitioners
  • Nurse Practitioner Competence Assessment Program
  • Nurse Practitioner Quality Monitoring and Improvement Program
  • Scope of Practice
  • Standards of Practice for Nurse Practitioners

Relevant Provincial Policies

This section includes:

  • Nova Scotia Pharmacare Policies
  • Nova Scotia Diagnostic Imaging Policies

Relevant Federal Legislation

This section includes:

  • Food and Drugs Act
  • The Controlled Drugs & Substances Act
  • Canada Pension Plan Act and Canada Pen Plan Regulations
  • Income Tax Act (Canada)
  • Employment Insurance Act

Relevant Provincial Legislation

This section includes:

  • Health Protection Act and Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Condition Regulations
  • Registered Nurses Act
  • Registered Nurse Regulations
  • Adoption Information Act
  • Hospital Act
  • Motor Vehicles Act
  • Personal Health Information Act
  • Prescription Monitoring Act
  • Timely Medical Certificate Act (2011)
  • Workers Compensation Board Act