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You are required to reactivate your licence if:

  1. You previously held an active-practising licence with CRNNS but do not currently hold a licence to practise in Nova Scotia and
  2. You have not held a licence in Nova Scotia for 30 days or more and have been registered or licensed with another regulatory body (nursing or other profession).

There are different steps to reactivate your licence based on whether you’re an RN or NP.

Please Note: A copy of the appropriate documentation (e.g. copy of marriage certificate and government issued photo ID) is required if your name has changed from what is currently on record at CRNNS. Documentation is not required if you are reverting to your original/birth surname; however you are required to confirm with CRNNS via email if you are reverting to your original/birth surname.

How do I reactivate my RN licence?

There are several steps required to reactivate your RN licence:

  1. Complete your Reactivation Application. All application items must be official documents sent directly to CRNNS by an issuing authority which have not been in anyone else’s possession other than the authority and institution issuing it. We do not accept certified true copies.
    The application package includes:

    • Assessment for Reactivation of a Licence
    • Verification of Nurse Registration for Reactivation of Licence from every licencing body where you have practised since you last held an active-practising licence in Nova Scotia
    • Statement from Current/Most Recent Employer for Reactivation of Licence
  2. Submit the original hard copy of your Canadian Vulnerable Sector Check and International Criminal Record Check by mail or in person or complete the online Canadian Vulnerable Sector Check and International Criminal Record Check if you’re reactivating following a two-year time lapse. The original hard copy record check may be returned to you upon request.

Please be advised that registration requirements and fees are subject to change.

How long will it take to make a decision about my RN reactivation application?

Once your application is complete, it is reviewed to determine if you meet all CRNNS requirements and are eligible to reactivate. Allow up to 6 weeks for CRNNS to receive your documents.

Once we have received your complete application, it should be processed within 5 business days.

Please be advised that registration requirements and fees are subject to change.

When does my RN reactivation application and related documents expire?

Your application forms are valid for six months from the date they were issued. If any part of your application expires prior to becoming licenced with CRNNS, your file will be placed on hold until updated documents are received. You will not be able to reactivate with us if any part of your application is not current.

If we do not hear from you for six months and your Assessment for Reactivation of a Licence is more than six months old, your application will close.

What is the reactivation criteria for an RN licence?

The following are the criteria you must meet before you are eligible to reactivate your active-practising RN licence:

  1. One of the following currency of competency requirements:
    1. the hourly requirement of 1125 hours in the past five years or 450 hours in the year immediately preceding your application. The hourly requirements can only be met if the practice hours fall within the legislated definition of the practice of nursing. Volunteer hours cannot be used to meet the hourly requirement; or
    2. has graduated from one of the following programs in the five years preceding your application:
      1. a Nova Scotia nursing education program; or
      2. a Canadian nursing program; or
      3. a registered nurse re-entry program; or
      4. an international nursing program; or
    3. has completed a competence assessment and bridging education in the past 5 years; or
    4. be enrolled in and attending one of the following nursing programs:
      1. a post-RN baccalaureate degree program in nursing; or
      2. a masters/doctorate degree program in nursing.
  2. has met the requirements of the CRNNS Continuing Competence Program;
  3. is not currently under investigation or part of a disciplinary process by any registration or licensing authority;
  4. is not currently subject to any disciplinary finding that would prohibit the practice of nursing;
  5. has provided any information the College requires to establish that you have the capacity, competence, capability and character to safely and ethically practise nursing;
  6. has provided all information required to establish that Section 43 of the Act – Effects of Offences – does not apply to you.

How do I reactivate my NP licence?

If you were previously registered in Nova Scotia as a nurse practitioner, email us to reactivate your licence.