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A NP temporary licence is a unique licence that allows you to temporarily practise nursing while waiting to write the nurse practitioner exam or waiting for exam results.

All application documents must be provided in English. Translations from a certified translator are also accepted. You are responsible for the cost of all translations.

Who can be issued an NP Temporary Licence?

You are eligible to apply for a temporary licence once you complete your nurse practitioner program and are waiting to write the NP exam or when you have written the NP exam and are awaiting the results.

How do I apply for a NP temporary licence?

There are several steps required before being eligible for a temporary licence:

  1. Hold an RN active-practising licence with CRNNS
  2. Complete the Temporary Licence Application online on the New Applicant Portal
  3. Pay the assessment fee and the Jurisprudence Exam fees.
  4. Pass the RN Jurisprudence Exam (if not previously completed)
  5. Pass the NP Jurisprudence Exam
  6. For new NP graduate from an out-of-province Canadian NP program who has never been licensed: arrange for the school of nursing where you completed your NP education  to send  the Verification of Nurse Practitioner Education to CRNNS.

Do I have professional liability insurance if I hold an NP temporary licence?

Yes, a portion of your licensure fee is remitted to Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS) for professional liability insurance.

How long is my NP temporary licence valid?

Your temporary licence is valid for four months with an option to be re-issued a TL, as long as you have not failed the NP exam.

When is my NP temporary licence no longer valid?

Your temporary licence is no longer valid when:
• Your temporary licence expires
• We receive notification that you have failed the NP Exam for the first time
• You became licenced as an NP with us
• Your temporary licence is suspended or revoked under the professional conduct process

What are the restrictions on a NP temporary licence?

There are no restrictions on your NP temporary licence.