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Meeting the CCP components is one requirement of licensure with CRNNS. If you are unable to meet one or more of the CCP requirements, you will be granted a time-limited licence.

Time-Limited Licence

You will be issued a time-limited licence for up to three months if you apply for a licence and you do not confirm on your application for initial or annual licensure that you have completed a learning plan based on your self-assessment.

Your time-limited licence will expire at the earliest of these three scenarios:

  1. When you provide CRNNS with written confirmation that you have met the criteria.
    • Example: if you indicate on your licensure application that you did not complete a learning plan but provide CRNNS with written confirmation that you have.
  2. Three months after it was issued.
    • Example: If you receive a time-limited licence on November 1, the licence will expire on February 1.
  3. On October 31 of the licensure year for which the time-limited licence was issued.
    • Example: If you received a time-limited licence on September 15, the licence will expire on October 31 since that is the last day of the licensure year.

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As part of the licence application, you will be required to indicate that you have remained connected and current to nursing practice. This is usually demonstrated by reporting your recent nursing practice hours or the date you have completed your nursing program. Click here to verify that you meet this licensure requirement.

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