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The final step in completing the education is to pass the mandatory post-quiz. The quiz provides you with the opportunity to test the knowledge you have learned through this process and provides us, the regulator, with data that demonstrates that nurses in Nova Scotia have met this component of the program.

What to Expect

The post-quiz consists of 10 multiple choice and true or false questions. You are given one hour to complete the quiz.  You must receive a score of 80% in order to pass but don’t forget – you can repeat the quiz as often as you need to obtain a pass mark.

If however, you are unable to pass the post-quiz, you will be granted a time-limited licence which will allow you to work for up to three months. Click here to learn more about this licence.

Take the Post-Quiz

The post-quiz is located on the Members’ Portal. To log into the portal, please have your CRNNS registration number and personal password ready.

If you cannot remember your registration number or password, continue to proceed to the Members’ Portal and follow the directions on the homepage.

If you are applying to CRNNS for the first time, click here to take the post-quiz. This link will take you to the New Applicant Portal, which is where you will complete the post-quiz.

If you are a member, click here to take the post-quizThis link will take you to the Member Portal, which is where you will complete the post-quiz.

Evaluate Your Experience

After you have completed the post-quiz, you will be asked to participate in a voluntary survey to share your experience with us. Was mandatory education a valuable exercise? Did the learning options work for you? What education suggestions do you have for the future?

You will have an opportunity to answer these questions and others as part of the survey and your feedback will help to influence how we provide and present mandatory education in 2019.

Please Note: Our voluntary CCP education evaluation survey is hosted on SurveyMonkey, which is blocked by some employers. If you are unable to access our survey in the workplace, please copy the survey link below and complete it at home. We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to receiving your feedback.

Survey Link:

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