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Our Frequently-Asked-Questions is a list of the most popular questions received from nurses about CCP. It’s the single fasted way to receive an answer to your question.

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Why does CRNNS require all nurses to participate in CCP as part of annual licence renewal?

As self-regulating professionals, RNs and NPs have a responsibility to maintain their competence throughout their nursing career to ensure that they are able to meet the evolving needs of clients.

The Continuing Competence Program (CCP) provides nurses with a formal mechanism to record and evaluate their continuing competence and to learn and participate in education that impacts them and the delivery of client care. Formally known as Building Your Profile™, CCP has been a requirement to obtain and renew your licence since 2002.

What happened to Building Your Profile™?

In the past, Building Your Profile™ was a part of CCP. When the program was revised in 2015, Building Your Profile™ was removed in order to create resources that better met the needs of nurses. Although the program has been revised, the fundamental components of self-reflection and the development of a learning plan which were part of Building Your Profile™ have not changed. Instead, we have developed new tools to assist you in this process.

What happens if I decide not to participate in CCP?

If you decide not participate in CCP, you will receive a time-limited licence for up to three months to give you time to complete the CCP requirements. If you do not complete the CCP requirements before your time-limited licence expires, you will not have a licence to practise nursing and you cannot work as a RN or NP in Nova Scotia.

I have completed a continuing competence program in another jurisdiction this year. Do I need to participate in the CRNNS’ CCP?

Yes. If you have completed a continuing competence program in another Canadian jurisdiction that involved completing both a self-reflection and learning plan, you can contact the Registration team at to discuss whether you need to complete another learning plan.

You will still be required to indicate on your licence application that you have completed a learning plan based on the standards for nursing practice for the licensure year you are applying for. Additionally, if you become licensed in Nova Scotia prior to the end of March, you may be selected to participate in the verification process.

I don’t have access to a computer to complete CCP. What do I do?

If you do not have access to a computer, please contact the Registration team at to request that paper documents be sent for you. You may also visit the CRNNS office to complete the CCP requirements on a private, in-house computer at the CRNNS office or access a Community Access Program (CAP) site in your community.

Why do I have to develop a learning plan?

Since 2002, RNs and NPs have had to develop a learning plan in order to be licensed in Nova Scotia. When changes were made to the program in 2015, CRNNS kept this component of the program because it is still considered best practice and it helps individuals reflect, plan and assess how they are going to learn and grow as professionals. Through the learning plan process, RNs and NPs will have the opportunity to self-reflect on past experiences, self-assess themselves against the standards of practice and develop a meaningful plan of action for the future.

Where do I find the learning plans and templates on the CRNNS website?

To get started, visit the learning plan section to find the instructions on how to develop a learning plan, templates, learning plan examples and more.

Will I have to develop a learning plan next year?

Yes. All RNs and NPs will be required to develop a learning plan annually as a requirement of CCP.

I haven’t practised nursing in the last year due to a leave of absence from work (maternity, sick, LTD, etc.). Do I need to develop a learning plan and how will I complete a self-reflection to help me build my learning plan?

Yes. If you are renewing your active practicing license, you must develop a learning plan even if you have not worked as an RN or NP in the past year. You can complete your reflection process by reflecting on an event that occurred in the last year that you practised nursing rather than in the last 12 months.

How do I know if I have been selected for verification?

If you are randomly selected for verification, you will receive an email and Canada Post letter from CRNNS on or around April 1, 2019 indicating that you have been selected to submit your learning plan for verification.

It is very important that CRNNS has your current and correct email and mail address so you can receive this notification and other important reminders. If CRNNS does not have your correct contact information, you will be contacted by phone to obtain this information, which may delay when you are initially notified about verification. To check or change your contact information, please visit the Members Portal.

How do I submit my learning plan if I am selected for verification?

If you are selected for verification, you will be asked to submit your learning plan by:

Email: If you develop your learning plan using Word or PDF, attach your learning plan in an email and send it to

What happens after I submit my learning plan for verification?

If you are selected for verification, CRNNS staff will review your learning plan against the CRNNS’ CCP Criteria. If your learning plan meets the criteria, the verification process will be complete and you will receive written notification by email that you have successfully completed the verification process.

If your learning plan does not meet the requirements, CRNNS staff will notify you by email that your learning plan was submitted to the CCP Advisory Committee. Before your learning plan is sent to the committee, CRNNS staff will remove all personal information from your learning plan including your name, registration number and anything else that may identify you.

Can I be selected for verification next year?

Yes. The selection process for verification is completely random. The CRNNS registration database technology randomly draws a list of names from the entire list of members who hold a licence. This means you may be selected for verification more than once. You name is not taken off the list once you have already participated in the verification process.

Do I submit my self-reflection or self-assessment if I am selected for verification?

No. Do not submit your self-reflection or self-assessment if you are selected for verification. The contents of your self-reflection and self-assessment are confidential and are not to be sent with your learning plan.

When I submit my learning plan as part of the verification process, how is confidentiality maintained?

Confidentiality of your personal information will be maintained at all times. If your learning plan is sent to the CCP Advisory Committee, we will remove all personal information from your learning plan including your name, registration number and anything else that may identify you. When you are selected for verification, your learning plan is discarded once verification is complete.

What dates should I consider when developing my learning plan?

Your learning plan needs to be developed for the period between July 1, 2019 and October 31, 2020.

How will my learning plan be evaluated, if selected for verification?

CRNNS has established criteria against which your plan is evaluated. The criteria can be found on the website here. Your learning plan must include the following:

  1. Identified at least two indicators that you want to focus on this year based on your self-reflection and self-assessment (the indicators may be from the same standard).
  2. Developed at least one SMART goal for each indicator that will enhance your practice
  3. Developed a minimum of two activities per objective that will help you achieve your goal. Remember to document when you have completed your activities to meet each goal.
  4. Developed an evaluation plan that demonstrates how the learning will be applied to your practice.

It is strongly recommended that you complete the Pre-Submission Checklist to ensure your learning plan is complete before it is submitted to CRNNS for review

Can my self-reflection and self-assessment documents be used in a CRNNS professional conduct process?

No. In a legal or complaint proceeding, no person will be required to disclose any information related to the content of their self-reflection or self-assessment.

I have been selected for verification and I do not plan to renew my 2020 license. What do I do?

If you do not plan to renew your license, please email the CCP Team at to notify us because you will no longer be required to submit your learning plan. Notifying us will ensure you do not get reminder emails in the future. If however you change your mind and decide to licence during that licensure year, you will be required to submit your learning plan for review.

I have been nursing for a long time and feel I have a good handle on what I need to know. How do I identify a learning objective?

Nursing practice is constantly changing. Continual learning is a best practice to ensure clients receive the best possible care. By completing the self-reflection and self-assessment, you will uncover aspects of your practice that you would like to learn more about and that will enhance your practice. There is always something we can learn more about. If you would like to discuss this further, contact the CCP team at

Can I use my certifications/education program that are required for my job as part of or as my learning plan?

Yes. Your learning activities that are incorporated as part of your learning plan can include any education you are required to take as part of your role (e.g. ACLS, certification, etc.) as long as they help you to achieve your learning objective. Remember to document when you anticipate completing the learning activities.

I have been directed by the CCP Advisory Committee to revise my learning plan and I need help! What should I do?

CRNNS is here to help. When you were notified that your learning plan did not meet the CRNNS criteria, you also received feedback and rationale on the committee’s decision. You can start by reviewing this feedback and the required learning plan criteria. After that, you can identify which criteria you didn’t meet and revise your plan accordingly.

If after reviewing your letter and your learning plan you can’t identify which criteria has not been met or you can’t figure out how to revise your plan to meet the CRNNS criteria, please call or email the CCP Team at or 902-491-9744 ext. 1224 to speak confidentially about your learning plan.

Once you have revised your plan, you must re-submit the plan by the deadline given. We will then let you know when you will receive feedback on your revised learning plan.

Is mandatory education a requirement of CCP every year?

No. Mandatory education is not a requirement of CCP if you are renewing your 2020 licence. You will be notified in January whether you will be required to complete a mandatory education for the upcoming licensure year.

I received a time limited license. What does that mean and when does it expire?

The time-limited license is issued for a maximum period of three months and expires the earliest of these dates:

  1. The three-month expiry date of the licence issued; or
  2. The last day of the licensure year.

Can I work with an expired license?

No. Individuals must have a current active-practising licence to be entitled to work as an RN or NP in Nova Scotia.

Can I get a second time limited licence?

No. You cannot receive a second time-limited licence in the same licensure year. The CRNNS licensure year is from November 1 to October 31. For example, if your time limited licence expires in February 2019, you will not be able be granted another time limited licence until after November, 2020.

How do I extend my time-limited licence to a full year licence?

To extend your time limited licence, you must provide proof that you have met the outstanding CCP requirement(s). Once that occurs, your time limited licence will be converted into an active-practising licence.

How will I know when my licence has been extended from time-limited to the full licensure year?

You will receive an email from CRNNS indicating that your licence has been extended.

How do I provide CRNNS with feedback on my experience as a CCP participant?

If you have any feedback, please contact the CCP Team at