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Continuing Competence Program

Welcome to the Continuing Competence Program (CCP) area of the CRNNS website. Here you will find all the information, instructions, resources and supports needed to meet the CCP component this year.

Getting Started

In 2017, nurses must meet all five of the CCP components in order to be eligible for a licence. This area of the website has been organized to help you move through and complete each component as you go.

Component #1: Work a minimum number of nursing practice hours or complete a nursing program within a certain amount of time.

Component #2: Participate in a reflective practice process which includes self-reflection, completing a self-assessment tool and developing a learning plan. Click here to get started on this component.

Component #3: Confirm on your application for licensure that you have developed a learning plan.

Component #4: If randomly selected, submit your learning plan to CRNNS for review and have the learning plan meet the criteria set by CRNNS. Members were notified by email in May if they were chosen for verification. If you were not selected, this is no longer a component for you in 2017. If you were selected, click here to learn more about this component.

Component #5: Successfully complete the CRNNS mandatory education. Click here to get started on this component.

Next Steps

Once you have met all five components of CCP, you are eligible to apply for an active-practising licence with CRNNS. If however, you are unable to meet one or more of the CCP components, you will be granted a time-limited licence which will allow you to work for up to three months while you complete the CCP components. Click here to learn more about this licence.


Live Webinar Schedule

One way to participate in the mandatory education learning module is by attending a live webinar. Click here for a schedule of the upcoming live webinars from January-October.

Renew Your Licence

Completing the CCP components is a requirement of the licence renewal process. Don’t forget to renew your 2018 licence between July 17-October 31, 2017.