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New Nova Scotia College of Nursing Board Selected and CEO Appointed

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New Nova Scotia College of Nursing Board Selected and CEO Appointed

It has been an eventful few weeks for the creation of the Nova Scotia College of Nursing (NSCN) with significant milestones accomplished as the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Nova Scotia (CLPNNS) and the College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia (CRNNS) prepare for the introduction of one nursing regulator in Nova Scotia.

The Colleges were pleased to see the Nursing Act pass through the legislative process with the Act receiving Royal Assent on April 12, 2019.

What does Royal Assent Allow Us to Do?

Royal Assent allowed the CLPNNS Board and the CRNNS Council to take steps needed to prepare for the legal establishment of the new regulator. This included selecting the initial NSCN Board, a new Board Chair and a new Vice-chair. With Royal Assent, the initial NSCN Board has the authority to appoint a new CEO & Registrar to lead and oversee the new regulator once it is proclaimed.

New NSCN Board

The CLPNNS Board and CRNNS Council met on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 to select the initial NSCN Board, the new Chair and the new Vice-Chair according to the initial Board composition as outlined in the new Act. As per the Nursing Act, the initial NSCN board will consist of three LPNs who served on the CLPNNS Board in the last year, three RNs/NPs who served on the CRNNS Council in the last year and five public representatives who had served on the Board or Council in the last year.

The newly elected initial NSCN Board members are:

  • Charmaine McPherson, RN, Chair
  • Jason Reeves, LPN, Vice-Chair
  • Anne Bigelow, Public representative
  • Michael Gillis, Public representative
  • Emily Huner, Public representative
  • Susan Nasser, Public representative
  • Betty Thomas, Public representative
  • Theresa MacDonald, LPN
  • Shaunna Snow, LPN
  • Chanda MacDonald, RN
  • Sheri Price, RN

New NSCN CEO & Registrar

In addition to selecting a new Chair and Vice-Chair, the first NSCN Board appointed Sue Smith as CEO & Registrar of the new nursing regulator. Sue Smith is the current CEO & Registrar of CRNNS and was also appointed as Transition Executive Director & Registrar of CLPNNS in November 2018. Her leadership has been instrumental in the journey to create one nursing regulator in Nova Scotia.

NSCN CEO and Newly Elected Board Members:

L–R, back row: Sue Smith (CEO & Registrar), Theresa MacDonald, Michael Gillis, Sheri Price, Shaunna Snow, Emily Huner, Susan Nasser.

L-R, front row: Charmaine McPherson (Chair), Jason Reeves (Vice-Chair), Betty Thomas.

Missing from photo: Chanda MacDonald and Anne Bigelow.  

Next Stop Proclamation

The Colleges are continuing to prepare operationally for NSCN, which will be established once government approves the Regulations and sets a date for which to proclaim the new Act in full force and effect. While the Colleges are hopeful for a proclamation date of June 3, 2019, that date has yet to be confirmed. Until that time, both CLPNNS and CRNNS will continue to exist, which means that nurses will still practise according to their respective Acts, and standards of practice.


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