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Naloxone News: Changes to Your Scope of Practice

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Naloxone News: Changes to Your Scope of Practice

New Changes Help Increase Public Safety

As regulators, the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Nova Scotia (CLPNNS) and the College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia (CRNNS) work to develop policies and practices that support employers to optimize the scope of practice of licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and registered nurses (RNs) and enhance the nursing services that Nova Scotians receive every day.

Recently, this work has included collaborating with stakeholders to make legislative changes related to the nurse’s role in administering naloxone for opioid overdose management.

New Changes in Practice

We are pleased to share that changes have been made to the Licensed Practical Nurses Act and the Registered Nurses Act to enable LPNs and RNs to independently administer or provide naloxone take-home kits under their own authority to clients in need.

Under these new changes, LPNs and RNs with the appropriate knowledge, skill and ability and who are supported by employer policy are now authorized to independently administer naloxone as a life-saving measure and provide take-home naloxone kits for at-risk clients without needing a prescription, order or care directive as was required in the past.

These changes will help save lives by increasing the public’s access to safe care and optimizing the role of the nurse who is already equipped to assess clients and administer medications when required.

“What stakeholders will be happy to hear is that these changes will create significant benefits for the public while requiring few changes in nursing practice,” shares Doug Bungay, Director of Policy and Practice at CLPNNS and CRNNS. “This is because most nurses already possess the competencies required to do this work. However, it’s prudent that nurses, employers and others review the resources we have developed to better understand the changes and how they may impact the delivery of care in Nova Scotia.”

New Regulatory Resources

The CLPNNS and CRNNS team have developed new regulatory resources to guide LPNs, RNs and employers as these changes are implemented in practice:

Modifications of Scope Related to Naloxone – Fact Sheet – Only 1 Page (2018)

Understanding the Naloxone Changes: Recorded Presentation – 4 Minutes (2018)

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at CRNNS:

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