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Optimum health for all Nova Scotians through excellence in registered nursing practice.



In order to achieve the Ends set by the Council, the College established three goals for the organization.

1.    Strengthen relationships with the public, members and other stakeholders.

We will embrace a ‘relational’ approach to our regulatory work that will enable us to build and strengthen relationships with all of our stakeholders while upholding effective regulation that protects the public. We will create greater opportunities for our stakeholders to engage and provide feedback that will inform our regulatory policies. We are committed to proactively addressing issues and providing solutions.

2.    Incorporate ‘right-touch’ regulation.

We will address future regulatory oversight through right-touch regulation, which applies the minimal amount of regulatory force required to achieve a desired result. We will ensure that our regulatory oversight is balanced with the resources necessary to protect the public. We will be aware of our environments, anticipate changes before they occur to predict risks and react in a timely manner to prevent and lessen the risks.

3.    Ensure that all regulatory policies and processes, services and programs are fair, transparent, effective and efficient.

CRNNS in the next three years will implement the CRNNS Regulatory Excellence Framework to begin measuring the efficiencies, effectiveness, transparency, and fairness of its regulatory policies and decisions. Growing expectations of the public, government and stakeholders is requiring a greater accountability of regulators to provide evidence of best practices in regulatory practices.


Knowledgeable and Engaged Staff are critical to the success of CRNNS


We appreciate the value of all people.  We recognize that each person:

  1. makes a unique contribution, and
  2. must balance a number of priorities

We act with integrity; accountable to our colleagues, members and the public.


We have the courage to express our wisdom proactively.


We create innovative possibilities.