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Involvement from the profession sits at the heart of self-regulation and what we do here at CRNNS. Through self-regulation, our members possess a specialized body of knowledge that places them in the best position to govern their profession when combined with public input from key public representatives.

We are always seeking professional, competent and passionate individuals to contribute to the work of CRNNS and to the direction and vision of the nursing profession.

Currently, we are looking for RNs, NPs, and public representatives reflecting the diverse characteristics of Nova Scotians to be a part of the following three CRNNS committees:

  • Complaints Committee
  • Professional Conduct Committee
  • Fitness to Practise Committee

Each committee has a specific role in the professional conduct process. These committees help to evaluate the conduct of nurses in Nova Scotia and make decisions that impact the public’s safety within the health system.

Apply to one or more of the following committees by September 29, 2017. Honorariums are provided to committee members.

More information about each committee, including a link to each committee’s online application form, is below.

Complaints Committee

The Complaints Committee is made up of volunteer RNs and members of the public. The Committee is in place to assess and resolve nursing complaints received by CRNNS to ensure public protection. A panel of the Complaints Committee comprised of two nurses and one public representative acts as a screening committee by resolving less serious complaints and referring serious allegations of misconduct, incompetence, incapacity and/or conduct unbecoming the profession to the Professional Conduct Committee.

Professional Conduct Committee

The Professional Conduct Committee is made up of RNs and members of the public who come together to make decisions about complaints forwarded by the Complaints Committee. These volunteers review evidence and accept, reject, or suggest amendments to settlement proposals; prepare for and attend formal hearings; and, when required, determine the appropriate licencing sanction.

Fitness to Practise Committee

The Fitness to Practise Committee is made up of RNs and members of the public who contribute to public protection by reviewing, approving, revising or rejecting remedial agreements between CRNNS and nurses whose health condition impacts their ability to practice nursing safely. When this occurs, the Fitness to Practise Committee helps to determine the conditions and restrictions placed on the nurse who has treated their health issues and can safely return to practice.