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Apply to be on the CNPS Board of Directors

Involvement from the profession sits at the heart of self-regulation and what we do here at CRNNS. Through self-regulation, our members possess a specialized body of knowledge that places them in the best position to govern their profession when combined with public input from key public representatives. We are always seeking professional, competent and passionate individuals to contribute to the work of CRNNS and to the direction and vision of the nursing profession.

Current Opportunities

There are currently two opportunities to get involved with CRNNS:

  • Participate in a User Experience Website Session
  • Apply to be a Voting Delegate at CNA’s 2019 AGM

Click the “Expand” buttons below to learn more about each opportunity.

Participate in a User Experience Website Session

When the two Colleges officially become the Nova Scotia College of Nursing, we will be launching a new website for the public, nurses and others. Our vision is to provide a new website that is modern, fresh and user-friendly while meeting the needs of our diverse users. To help us in this work, we are looking for volunteers to participate in one of two User Experience Website Sessions being hosted on-site at our office in Bedford.

Session Details

We are hosting two 1-hour sessions, both at our new office at 120 Western Parkway, Bedford:

The sessions must be held on-site because the website will only be available at our office location until it goes live alongside the Nova Scotia College of Nursing.

What to Expect

Our sessions will be a fun and easy way to get involved in creating the new Nova Scotia College of Nursing. During the 1-hour session, you will be asked to perform a series of simple tasks on our new website. For example, you may be asked to:

  • Find and use the Licence Status search
  • Find and open a specific professional practice document
  • Submit a complaint online
  • Contact a member of our team

As you work through each task, we will ask you to record your experience and feedback. For example, was the task easy to accomplish? Did you find the website easy to navigate? Do you have any suggestions or feedback? Since it’s very much based on your individual experience, you won’t be asked to share your feedback with others. Instead, you’ll be asked to record your experience in a fillable form, which will be reviewed by a member of our team.

The best part about our sessions is that we are looking for a variety of volunteers with diverse technical abilities, which means all volunteers are welcome! You do not need to be tech savvy or knowledgeable about either College’s website to participate. Each volunteer’s experience will be unique and an asset to trialing our new website.

How to Register

If you are interested in shaping the new College’s website, register online by May 6. Due to the interactive nature of our sessions, there will be a limit of 15 volunteers per session. To ensure these sessions are available to nurses across the province, travel expenses for volunteers will be covered.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to

Apply to be a Voting Delegate at CNA's 2019 AGM

If you are interested in learning more about the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) and to be a part of national discussions about the nursing profession, we encourage you to apply to participate at the 2019 CNA Annual General Meeting (AGM) as a voting delegate.

Held on June 1 in Vancouver, the AGM offers you the chance to represent the nursing profession in Nova Scotia as a voting delegate and to vote on topics that matter to nurses in this province.

If you are interested in attending the event as a voting delegate, please submit the online application form by May 1, 2019. Voting delegates will be chosen by the CRNNS President based on the following criteria:

  • Commitment to attend briefing sessions and the business meeting
  • Involvement with the CRNNS Council and/or committees
  • Field of practice, overall experience and geographical location to ensure the broadest provincial representation of nurses

While there are no registration costs to attend the meeting, voting delegated are responsible for their own expenses. Click here to apply as a CNA AGM voting delegate by May 1.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Darlene Martin, CRNNS Executive Assistant, at or 902.491.9744 ext. 1231 or click here for more details on this year’s CNA AGM.

Are you wondering why we are recruiting for CNA voting delegates when we have already shared the news that CRNNS withdrawing our jurisdictional membership from CNA? Over the last 18 months, we have shared the news that we will no longer be a jurisdictional member of CNA when one nursing regulator is proclaimed and CRNNS dissolves as an organization. With this date fast approaching, CNA is working closely with us to share an update with all nurses about next steps and how to remain an individual member of CNA apart from one nursing regulator. Stay tuned for this update in the next two weeks.