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Our first afternoon session of the day is our Hot Topics! A Panel Discussion on the Future of Nursing Regulation where four experts will speak about several current hot topics in nursing regulation today.

This is an opportunity for guests to better understand regulatory topics that are top of mind for nurses and the public alike, to ask for expert advice and to contribute to meaningful dialogue about the future of nursing regulation in Nova Scotia.

Hot Topic #1: Future of Nursing Regulation

In the news today, health care regulation is a frequently referenced hot topic. Nurses have been granted the privilege to self-regulate for more than 107 years and with increased public awareness and expectations, we’re being asked to step up to the plate now more than ever. Are we ready? Bruce Holmes will moderate this panel and discuss the future of health care regulation in Nova Scotia and why nurses need to pay attention to this important hot topic.

Get to Know the Speaker: Bruce Holmes has been involved in education and healthcare for more than 30 years. He was instrumental in establishing the province’s first regulated health professions network enabling health profession regulators to voluntarily collaborate in regulatory processes. His inter-professional experience spans serving on the Canadian Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice Accreditation Council, the Board of Directors for Physiotherapy Education Accreditation Canada and as a member of Council with CRNNS. He is the Vice-Chair of the Medical Council of Canada’s National Assessment Collaboration Examination Committee and a member of their National Assessment Central Coordinating Committee.

Hot Topics #2: Future of RN Prescribing

Nurses working to an optimized scope of practice has been a hot topic here in Nova Scotia, around the country and around the world in recent years. In some jurisdictions across Canada and worldwide, one way nurses have been working to an optimal scope is by prescribing for certain populations and in certain care settings. Trent MacIsaac will walk the audience through what has been happening across Canada and what RN prescribing might look like in Nova Scotia in the future.

Get to Know the Speaker: Trent MacIsaac is a Practice Consultant at CRNNS. Over the last six years, Trent has co-led the development of the new Continuing Competence Program and the 2017 Standards of Practice for Registered Nurses and is currently co-leading the development of a regulatory framework for RN Prescribing that supports improved access to care for Nova Scotians. Trent also engages with the nursing community by providing regulatory education, guidance and advice to RNs and NPs in Nova Scotia.



Hot Topics #3: Future of Cannabis Use

Cannabis is a polarizing hot topic around government tables, boardroom tables and supper tables across Canada. The Government of Canada has committed to the legalization of recreational cannabis in 2018 and medical cannabis has been legal for many years now. For nurses and members of the public alike, many unanswered questions still remain, including: how will the legalization of recreational cannabis impact nurses as self-regulated professionals? In what way, if any, does the use of medical cannabis by nurses impact their delivery of care? Darlene Mott will talk about what nurses need to know about cannabis use, fitness to practice, meeting the standards of practice and upholding the professional image of the nurse.

Get to Know the Speaker: Darlene Mott is a Professional Conduct Consultant at CRNNS. In this role, Darlene travels the province to investigate conduct complaints in the interest of the public. Over the last five years, Darlene has been instrumental in incorporating right-touch regulation into our professional conduct processes and in developing a framework to resolve complaints through an alternative resolution process. Darlene is co-authoring the new CRNNS Cannabis Use Q&A regulatory resource to guide nurses in practice in preparation for the legalization of cannabis in Canada this summer.


Hot Topics #4: Future of One Nursing Regulator in Nova Scotia

On October 4 2016, College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Nova Scotia (CLPNNS) and CRNNS announced plans to create one new nursing regulator for the province of Nova Scotia. This was a historic decision which will enable the staff and boards of both organizations to join together to strengthen our commitment to Nova Scotians through an enhanced consistent, efficient and collaborative approach to nursing regulation. Now 19 months later, where are we and where are we going next? Join Heather Totton at this session to discuss what’s new, what’s next and what you can do to stay engaged and involved in helping to make nursing history in Nova Scotia.

Get to Know the Speaker: Heather Totton is a Regulatory Advisor for the Formation Team at the College of Licensed Practical Nurses (CLPNNS) and the College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia (CRNNS). In this role, Heather co-leads the legislative and regulatory work necessary for the creation of one nursing regulator in Nova Scotia. She is a champion of relational and right-touch regulation and most recently used this knowledge and her experience in nursing, law and regulation to develop a new Act to govern one nursing regulator in the future. Previous to this role, Heather was the Director of Professional Conduct and Registration Services at CRNNS where, using the principles of right touch regulation, she led the development of a new temporary licence policy and a tool to be used when deciding which complaints are appropriate for alternative resolution. In collaboration with the Sue Smith, CEO of CRNNS, Heather also led national work with respect to analyzing the legal, psychometric, ethical and public safety principles involved with determining appropriate number of attempts for passing a computer adaptive entry to practice exam.

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