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Standards of Practice Online Education

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If you enjoy learning independently or prefer to break up the material in order to digest the information, our online education options may be a positive way for you to learn about the 2017 Standards of Practice for Registered Nurses. There are two ways to experience our online education: by watching a pre-recorded presentation or by streaming the online learning module.

Pre-Recorded Presentation

The 45 minute pre-recorded presentation will cover the following material:

  • An overview of the 2017 Standards of Practice for Registered Nurses
  • An outline of what has changed between the 2012 and 2017 standards of practice
  • New case studies, including specific case studies on social media and communications

If you have any questions about registration, please reach out to us at

Interactive Learning Module

Another way to learn about the Standards of Practice for Registered Nurses is by participating in a two-part interactive learning module. Throughout the module, you will learn about the standards of practice, what has changed from the previous version and how the standards can be applied in practice. What is unique about this learning experience however, is the ability to interact and engage with the content throughout the module – making it a more fun and beneficial experience for you.

Play Lesson 1


Play Lesson 2


If you enjoyed this experience, we’ll be making this into a three-part learning module this fall as we launch a third video featuring examples, case studies and other resources to help you apply the standards in practice. And, back by popular demand, you will once again have the opportunity to interact with the content through thought-provoking questions, games and more.

Please Note: Our online learning for the standards of practice is not the Continuing Competence Program mandatory education. If you would like to complete the mandatory education, please click here. Nurses are however also accountable to the 2017 Standards of Practice for Registered Nurses and our online learning opportunities will help you to better understand and apply them in practice.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at


If you would prefer to interact with others and be able to ask questions, there is the option to learn more about the 2017 Standards of Practice for Registered Nurses by attending a live webinar session. Click here to register.